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People Centered Care (PCC) Program

People Centered Care (PCC) Program

$1,450.00 CAD

Program content is fully bilingual, and the interface is English with visual aid and bilingual help text. Available to Canadian organizations only

If you are an organization that is located outside of Canada, please contact for more details about this program.

You will receive an official program enrollment email within 24 business hours after purchase.

Note : Le contenu de ce programme est entièrement bilingue et l'interface est en anglais avec une aide visuelle et un texte d'aide bilingue. Si vous désirez acheter le même programme avec une interface française qui inclut une aide visuelle et un texte d'aide bilingue, veuillez cliquer ici 

Shift to PCC

The growth and evolution of client- and family-centred care (CFCC) where health and social service providers, planners, and policy makers are compelled to work “with” clients rather than “for” them has helped to recognize the expertise by experience and role clients can play not only in their own care, but in healthcare improvement.

While Accreditation Canada will continue to champion the underlying principles of CFCC, it has broadened the focus to a people-centred care (PCC) approach that consciously adopts individuals’, caregivers’ (formal and informal), and communities’ perspectives as participants in, and beneficiaries of, trusted health systems that are organized around the comprehensive needs of people.


Purpose of the PCC Program

Accreditation Canada’s People‑Centred Care™ (PCC) program supports health and social services organizations’ maturity, through its people, processes, and structures, to develop and evolve PCC performance and outcomes.


How does the PCC Program work?

You will progress through the various steps of the program based on your incremental progress in PCC‑related knowledge, skills, and practices. The PCC Program involves an interactive learning module followed by a self‑assessment. The summary report is to be submitted by your organization which will be reviewed by a peer and patient PCC surveyor.

What are the benefits of participating in the PCC program?

The PCC program journey strengthens individual and organizational competence to:

  • Engage people in continuous quality improvement activities and decision making.
  • Increase transparency and accountability for achieving results.
  • Develop and support people in efforts to sustain engagement in service delivery and planning.
  • Strengthen knowledge and competence for collaboration and teamwork.
  • Deepen mutual understanding of needs and aspirations that leads to better decisions and results.
  • Align behaviours with PCC values and principles.

Who is the program for?

The PCC program is adaptable to diverse organizations of any size and organizations who are at different stages of their PCC journey. The program is designed to support broad and deep engagement of people. As organizations progress through the program, they will be encouraged and enabled to involve people across the organization and within their community through joint learning, reflection and action

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