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On-site Learning Session Request Form

Submit your request at least 8 weeks prior to the date of the on-site session.

Accreditation Canada's responsibilities

  • Negotiate the session requirements with the client
  • Recruit facilitator(s)
  • Prepare relevant learning materials (master copy of the participant manual, PPT presentation, etc.)
  • Forward relevant learning materials to the facilitator
  • Forward materials to the client in a timely fashion for copying and distribution to participants
  • Invoice client for related expenses (session fee and facilitator expenses)

Client’s responsibilities

  • Complete and submit the On-site Learning Request form at least eight weeks prior to requested date of learning session
  • Secure the necessary meeting requirements:
    • Room booking and set up
      • book meeting space (on or off-site)
      • set up room in rounds of 3-6 participants (maximum 6 per table) with a table at front for facilitator 
    • Equipment
      • laptop and computer (LCD) projector in each meeting room with a table for facilitator to work from
      • microphone (clip-on or floor microphone) where necessary
      • flip charts, markers, pads and pens, post-it-notes, tape, etc. in each meeting room
    • Catering
      • book catering for breaks and lunch period if provided
      • provide water and glasses for facilitator(s)
  • Preparation and follow-up:
    • Provide sufficient copies of handout materials to all participants prior to the session
    • Return the completed evaluation forms to Accreditation Canada or forward link for on-line evaluation of session to participants with a completion date of 3-5 days after session