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Official Languages Recognition Program (OLRP) – Discovery (Level 1)

Official Languages Recognition Program (OLRP) – Discovery (Level 1)

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Program content is fully bilingual, and the interface is English with visual aid and bilingual help text.

You will receive an official program enrollment email within 24 business hours after purchase.

Note : Le contenu de ce programme est entièrement bilingue et l'interface est en anglais avec une aide visuelle et un texte d'aide bilingue. Si vous désirez acheter le même programme avec une interface française qui inclut une aide visuelle et un texte d'aide bilingue, veuillez cliquer ici : Programme de reconnaissance des langues officielles (PRLO).

The Impacts of Miscommunication in Health and Social Care Settings 

Language barriers and miscommunication in health and social care settings can lead to misdiagnosis, treatment delays, lack of user satisfaction, poor overall health outcomes, official complaints, and penalties.

The communication challenges faced among Official Language Minority Communities (OLMCs) have highlighted the importance of investing in the right tools, processes, and training that enable quality communication between the people providing the care, and the people receiving it.

This increase in health equity can be achieved by enabling organizations to develop and continuously assess the effectiveness of their organizational competency for official-language accessibility.

What is the Official Languages Recognition Program (OLRP)?

The OLRP supports and awards Canadian health and social service organizations that are committed to building, implementing, and sustaining specific language accessibility competencies as part of a continuous quality improvement journey, aimed at increasing positive results. 

The program provides organizations with the content and activities to ensure their workforces are equipped with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes required to achieve, sustain, and improve evidence-informed practices for safe access to care in both official languages. 

What are the benefits of participating in the Official Languages Recognition Program?

Accreditation Canada’s OLRP empowers health care and social service organizations to:

  • Build and leverage official-language accessibility competencies
  • Mitigate the risks associated to miscommunication
  • Reduce barriers to accessing safe care
  • Receive program support that suits the needs of your organization
  • Gain access to expert-developed content and resources
  • Gain recognition for your commitment to accessible care
  • Differentiate your offer of services
  • Promote equity in health and social services
  • Benefit from alignment with the most current guidelines
  • Increase security, quality, and efficiency

Participating organizations join a multi-level progressive learning journey (see Figure 1), that consists of assessing and improving the organization’s official-language accessibility competencies. Previous accreditation is not a prerequisite. Health and social service organizations (including federal, provincial, municipal, and private services) from all Canadian provinces and territories can enroll one, several, or all of their departments and specialized services in the Official Languages Recognition Program starting at Competency Level 1, where they perform a self-assessment using the OLRP Assessment Tool, while gaining access to resources.

Figure 1: Recognition Program Overview


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Key features of the Official Languages Recognition Program 

  • Blended Quality Assurance - Quality Improvement design model inspired by the principles of established quality improvement and implementation science.
  • Adaptable and flexible to organization’s goals related to official-language accessibility.
  • Applicable to health and social service organizations of all sizes.
  • People-focused design, embedding people-centred care and workforce well-being throughout the content.

Who is the program for?

Accreditation Canada’s Official Languages Recognition Program benefits any organization, irrespective of size, either public or private, that provides health or social services. Participating organizations may provide care or services in one or multiple settings.


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