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Infection Prevention and Control

Infection Prevention and Control

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Health Standards Organization (HSO) and Accreditation Canada are providing complimentary access to a selection of resources to fight COVID-19. 

Our Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) standard aims to support organizations and professionals to accurately implement measures to reduce infection transmission, respond to viral infection cases such as COVID-19, and improve the overall preparedness within the healthcare facility. IPC is an imperative component within all healthcare organizations to ensure the safety of staff, patients, and communities by containing the spread and severity of infectious diseases. The literature shows that well-designed IPC programs reduce infection identification and treatment costs, shorten the duration of hospital stays, and enhance the efficiency of patient flow.

Our framework covers the entire continuum of infection prevention and control ranging from foundational elements to high-level strategic development during planning, application, and assessment. The IPC standard will enable front-line staff and leadership to implement a collaborative approach and proactively improve the organizations preparedness for emergencies, and mitigate the risks following infection outbreaks.


You will receive a copy of the standard in PDF format shortly after you complete the transaction.  

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