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Community and Home-Based Services Toolkit

Community and Home-Based Services Toolkit

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Health Standards Organization (HSO) and Accreditation Canada are providing complimentary access to a selection of resources to fight COVID-19.

This toolkit has been created by Accreditation Canada (AC) and Health Standards Organization (HSO) to assist communities, organizations and clinical teams who are working collaboratively to create new, or to adapt existing, health services during the COVID-19 outbreak. AC and HSO have developed this toolkit to support community-based organizations across Canada responding to COVID-19.

This toolkit draws from a combination of national and international resources on COVID-19 such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) as well as actionable criteria found within HSO’s evidence-based standards. 

This toolkit does not replace any jurisdictional legislation or professional regulatory requirements and should be used in conjunction with relevant clinical practice guidelines and other detailed IPC resources.

If you are part of an assessment program (such as Qmentum) with Accreditation Canada, NIAZ, IQG or IQMH, your assessment body will provide you with new assessment standards prior to those standards being incorporated into your program and used for surveys or assessment purposes. For information on assessment standards, or to obtain the version specific to your program, please contact your assessment provider.

Standards purchased online are delivered as printable PDF downloads. If you would like a copy printed and shipped to you, please email

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