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Acute Stroke Services

Acute Stroke Services

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These standards are to be used by sites that provide acute stroke services and have a defined service boundary or catchment.

Acute stroke services are usually considered in two phases: hyperacute and acute. The hyperacute phase is from the onset of signs and symptoms of a stroke to the completion of the initial assessment and management in the emergency department. The acute phase proceeds from there until the client is medically stable and able to begin rehabilitation or proceed to an alternate level of care.

These standards are divided into the following sections:

  • Investing in comprehensive acute stroke services
  • Engaging a prepared and proactive acute stroke services team
  • Providing safe and appropriate hyper-acute and acute stroke services
  • Helping clients and families live with stroke
  • Maintaining accessible and efficient clinical information systems
  • Monitoring quality and achieving positive outcomes

Accreditation Canada's Acute Stroke Services Standards were developed in collaboration with the Canadian Stroke Network and based on the Canadian Stroke Strategy's Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care (2008) <>.

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