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Academic & Research Facility Criteria Booklet

Academic & Research Facility Criteria Booklet

$100.00 CAD

For use outside of Canada

Accreditation Canada’s Academic and Research Facility Criteria Booklet supports healthcare organizations in optimizing quality of care in an academic and research-driven environment. Specifically, the chapter provides academic and research healthcare leaders with criteria to close the gap between research and practice – an effort which needs to be deliberate and synergistic to drive safe, effective care.

For example, academic health care leaders can reference the criteria to enhance the provision of education, heighten resources for delivery, foster accountability, and strengthen processes and tools to infuse quality in their organizations and their ecosystem.

Academic health care leaders are committed to a mission that includes education, research, and patient care. Accreditation Canada is committed to a partnership that supports quality health care for all. Together, we can make lasting changes to the health and well-being of people around the world.


You will receive a copy of each standard in PDF format shortly after you complete the transaction.  

If you are part of an assessment program (such as Qmentum) with Accreditation Canada, NIAZ, IQG or IQMH, your assessment body will provide you with new assessment standards prior to those standards being incorporated into your program and used for surveys or assessment purposes. For information on assessment standards, or to obtain the version specific to your program, please contact your assessment provider.

Standards purchased online are delivered as printable PDF downloads. If you would like a copy printed and shipped to you, please email

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