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Standards to Support your COVID-19 Response

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the safety and well-being of communities across the globe. During these difficult times, healthcare professionals have risen to the occasion, serving on the front-lines to protect and care for patients. As such, organizations must do their part in ensuring that healthcare facilities adhere to international best practices in order to cultivate and maintain an environment of safety and care. The health and protection of all patients and staff is our priority; we can only achieve this unified goal through collaborating and supporting one another.

Accreditation Canada (AC) would like to extend our assistance by providing complimentary access to a selection of globally recognized standards by Health Standards Organization (HSO). Our standards create a strong health care structure that the public, providers, and policy makers can rely on, assuring high quality health services where it matters most. Global standards help service providers identify gaps in their current systems and utilize best practices to overcome them, leading to reliable and higher quality health services for the public in local jurisdictions.

Utilizing these standards will provide your organization with the necessary expertise and framework for educating and protecting front-line staff, improving patient outcomes, and optimizing organizational procedures. Applying the teachings from these standards will improve the efficiency, accessibility, and delivery of care to our communities.