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Emergency and Disaster Management

Emergency and Disaster Management

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Health Standards Organization (HSO) and Accreditation Canada are providing complimentary access to a selection of resources to fight COVID-19. 

The standards help service providers identify gaps in their current systems and utilize best practices to overcome them.

These standards provide a framework for educating staff and optimizing organizational procedures including the efficiency, accessibility, and delivery of care.

Applying the teachings from these standards can assist organizations in their efforts to protect front-line staff and improve patient outcomes.

HSO has developed these standards for the purpose of promoting higher quality health services for the public in local jurisdictions.

HSO 9002:2020 (E) Emergency and Disaster Management is a revision of HSO 9002:2010 (E) Emergency and Disaster Preparedness. This globally applicable standard guides health care organizations and systems, that provide facility-based acute care, in engaging with internal and external stakeholders to identify and reduce risks related to emergencies and disasters, and to prepare for a coordinated, community-centred, and systems-based response and recovery.

You will receive a copy of each standard in PDF format shortly after you complete the transaction.  

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